Let’s Talk Money

Dollars and cents can make for interesting pillow talk and may save your marriage

bill collector: “No! No cash for you!”
c. Pay bills, manage accounts, and talk to financial advisers.

My partner and I divide the money management tasks in our household:
a. By custom.
b. By natural ability.
c. By sheer neglect.

We have established a budget based on:
a. Our current spending habits and our future financial goals.
b. A document prepared 15 years ago by a credit counselor.
c. Never mentioning the “B” word in our household.

I know my spouse’s:
a. Investment personality and risk tolerance.
b. Greatest financial foibles.
c. Name.

I am confident that:
a. I know everything about my partner’s financial picture.
b. I know where my partner stashes cash.
c. I don’t feel too confident about the whole thing anyway.

My spouse and I have made a commitment to:
a. Each other.
b. Never go to bed angry.
c. Discuss our finances regularly.

The answers that lead to better communication about money between partners are listed below. If you and your partner have a different answer to the question, this is an excellent opportunity for both of you to discuss your feelings.

Excerpted from It’s More Than Money – It’s Your Life! by Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall, and reprinted with permission from the Women’s Institute for Financial Education (WIFE.org).

1. B

2. A

3. C

4. B

5. A

6. A

7. A

8. C

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