Mad Marketing Skills

Your guide to cashing in on the young, urban market

an inexpensive and effective way to spread the word about a new product. She wanted to let young, multiethnic consumers know about Shout-Outs, her colorful greeting card line that features eight multiethnic cartoon characters. De Kelaita spent $3,000 for slick press kits that she sent to publications with readers she hoped to reach. As a result, Shout-Outs were written up in the six publications. In addition, her Website (, which includes an online shopping mall where consumers can purchase her cards for about $2.50 each, receives up to 2,000 hits per week.

The power and influence of the urban youth market represent an opportunity for black businesses to capture a segment of the consumer market that can bring increased brand awareness, profits and an expanded consumer base. By focusing on their communities, keeping pace with the trends they set and formulating a message that speaks directly to them, you can strategize to reach this audience with success.

“There is no question that mainstream marketers have recognized the value of this market,” says Brooks. “Black businesses must be engaged as well.”


  • Partner with an urban radio station to sponsor an event or broadcast live from your office or store.
  • Place an ad or have a story written about your company in urban culture magazines and newspapers.
  • Design colorful street posters to advertise your business in urban communities.
  • Create palm cards: postcard-sized cards that advertise an event or product.
  • Dispatch street teams: professionally trained members of your marketing or advertising team who hit the streets to spread the word-through fliers and word-of-mouth-about your company’s products or services.
  • Distribute coupons or sample products in college dorms or sports venues.
  • Minority Markets Alert (publication) 212-941-0099

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