Make Yourself Accountable

When it comes to building a career, the buck stops with you. Here's how to reap the rewards by taking responsibility.

role of a victim is another way to escape accountability, adds Guillory. Expressions common to the victim are “I can’t” and “I’m unable.” These statements are really saying, “I am unwilling.”

To see how accountable you are, take this test and, then, rate yourself on this scale:
SA — Strongly Agree
A — Agree
N — Neutral
D — Disagree
SD — Strongly Disagree

1] I am totally responsible for my success at work.
2] I am exceptionally productive, irrespective of the work environment.
3] I am accountable for the results I produce, even if a situation is unfair.
4] I take training to upgrade my skills and competencies on a regular basis, without having to be told.
5] I am exceptionally skilled at the work I do, as demonstrated by my performance.
6] I trust co-workers (or employees) without interference when I delegate tasks vital to my own success.
7] I have demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills where mentorship or coaching is concerned.
8] I hold co-workers to their commitments, even when that policy provokes confrontation.
9] I hold others proactively accountable for their commitments, regardless of how that policy may affect our personal relationship.
10] I am willing to work through in-depth personal issues in order to achieve team success.

SA responses x 4.0 =
A responses x 3.0 =
N responses x 2.0 =
D responses x 1.0 =
SD responses x 0.0 =

Multiply the total by 2.5 to obtain your total percentage of personal empowerment, based on a scale of 100%.
Total x 2.5 = percent

Percentage Score
91 — 100
Extremely empowered. Your success is ensured. You accept unfairness as something you have to deal with, and you ask, “How do I get beyond this?”

81 — 90
Very empowered and successful most of the time, except if you are put in an extremely unfair situation.

71 — 80
Somewhat empowered and probably experiencing success 50% of the time if you are in a fair system.

70 or below
Marginally empowered, and your success rate is low. You’re aligned with people who have long conversations about how racist society is, and how, if it weren’t racist, they would be successful.

[Average score is 77%.]

From the book Black Enterprise Guide to Building Your Career. © 2002 by Cassandra Hayes. All rights reserved. Reprinted by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York. (Log on to www.blackenter to order a copy.)


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