Making The Grade

These new companies are blazing; hot trails as the newest additions to the B.E. 100s universe

oil to Portland residents each month, to pursue other retail ventures that now produce the bulk of his profits.

The modern-day wildcatter believes United Energy’s next gusher will come from acquiring franchises. In addition, the company has created 150-sq.-ft. quick-serve restaurants–basically clones of Taco Bell and Subway express outlets. (United Energy recently struck an agreement with Chevron to develop two restaurants at one location.) United Energy’s two stores and restaurant operation grossed $8 million in 1997.

Winters’ conservative nature hasn’t stopped him from pursuing 10-gallon dreams: He wants to have 10 stores in his fledgling chain by the year 2000. “We want to continue to develop the retail side of our business,” he asserts. “It is a challenge that we are ready and willing to accept.”

A total of 15 companies, including World Wide Technology and United Energy, are making their grand debut on the 1998 BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100. The Florida is a brief description and summary of the newcomers along with their rankings. (Helpful hint — if you want to start a new company and wind up on our list, consider starting a technology firm and base it in Virginia. Six of our new firms are based in the technology field and five of them are located there.)

Simeus Foods International No. 15
This Mansfield, Texas-based concern is a custom food manufacturing business for a chain of national restaurants including Denny’s, Hardee’s and Quincy’s Steakhouse. The company, formerly
Portion-Trol Foods, was founded in 1974 and owned by Flagstar Corp. until it was acquired by current CEO Dumas M. Simeus in 1996. The company had revenues of $105 million in 1997.

Wittnauer International Inc. No. 48
This maker of watches and fine jewelry was purchased by Robert Coleman in 1996 and has been ticking away quite nicely. The New Rochelle, New York-based concern had revenues of $42 million last year.

Wilson Office Interiors No. 68
B.D. Hill heads this Carrollton, Texas, concern, which sells, designs and installs office furniture. The company was acquired in 1993 and had revenues of $31 million in 1997.

Golden West Foods No. 71
This Bedford, Virginia, firm is led by Frank B. Brooks. With 1997 revenues of $30.5 million, Golden West is a marketer and manufacturer of custom food products to national restaurant chains. Its primary customers include Burger King, AFC and Darden. The company was acquired in July 1995 from McCormick Inc.

United Communications Systems Inc. No. 86
The McLean, Virginia-based company provides integration of information systems (IT) products/networks and services. Headed by Charles Johnson, the firm had revenues of $24 million last year. Johnson acquired the company in 1994.

Advanced Resource Technologies Inc. No. 90
Horace F. Jones leads this information systems engineering company in Alexandria, Virginia. The firm, which primarily services federal, state and local government agencies, had revenues last year of $22.2 million.

JIL Information Systems Inc. No. 92
This Vienna, Virginia-based company is led by J. Calvin Glover. An information technology firm, the company had $20.9 million in revenues in 1997.

Adams McClure Inc. No. 93
Robert C. Adams leads this Denver printing and fulfillment concern, which

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