Me First!

Putting others' needs before your own can be hazardous to your career and your health

terms of helping prevent depression,” says Martin.

Seek professional help. If you’re engaging in self-destructive behavior such as alcoholism, drug abuse, or gambling, contact an addiction support group or mental health professional. Likewise, if you’ve tried multiple times to stop a certain behavior and have been unsuccessful, a psychologist can help.

If you think you’re overextended, the following books and organizations, may help.

  • Saving Our Last Nerve: The Black Woman’s Path to Mental Health by Marilyn Martin (Hilton Publishing, $16.95)
  • The Get A Life Campaign: A Pocket Guide for the Busy Woman Who Wants It All by Tyeese Gaines Reid (Infinity Publishing; $10.95)
  • Black Men and Depression by John Head (Harlem Moon; $12.95)
  • Mental Health America (, formerly known as the National Mental Health Association
  • American Institute of Stress (
  • National Institute of Mental Health (
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