Meantime manager

Lease your expertise as an executive temp

have these skills, sign up with a staffing service that offers training.”

  • Don’t stay in a job you hate. If you have a problem with an assignment, tell the staffing service immediately. If it can’t be corrected, agree on a departure date and move on. One of the biggest benefits to temping is the freedom to change jobs if one doesn’t work out. –
  • For sources on salaries & occupations visit:
    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:
    JobSmart: tools.salary/salsurv.htm (for jobs in California only)

    For more on the temp industry, also read:
    The Temp Survival Guide: How to Prosper as an Economic Nomad of the Nineties by Brian Hassett
    (Carol Publishing, $11.95)
    The Temp Track: Make One of the Hottest Job Trends for the ’90s Work for You by Peggy O. Justice
    (Peterson Guides, $12.95)
    Executive Temping: A Guide for Professionals by Saralee T. Woods (John Wiley & Sons, $16.95)

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