Minority firms tapped to oversee $800 million in assets

Raytheon looks to NCM, Ariel and MDL Capital to oversee pension fund monies

been owned by firm management since 1999. Empowered for big commitments, NCM’s asset base is $5.8 billion in equity and $1 billion in fixed-income business. NCM concentrates on large-cap growth and value equities. It manages $700 million of the California State Teachers Pension Plan assets.

“The Capital Management allocation is another great step forward in accomplishing the goals of the Wall Street Project,” says Maceo Sloan, CEO of NCM Capital Management Group, who also serves as chairman of the WSP. “The Raytheon company understands the benefit to them of expanding the marketplace through inclusion. They’re setting a good example for other corporations.”

MDL Capital Management has grown from $16 million when it started up in 1992 to $1.8 billion now. A $200 million Boeing allocation, followed by a hefty one from Sprint, propelled earlier growth. Given a shot, MDL proved itself a top performer. Best known as a fixed-income money manager, MDL deals primarily in bond portfolios.

Though not active in the Wall Street Project, MDL benefited anyway. In mid-1999, MDL met and impressed Raytheon officials. “The Wall Street Project has been successful at opening doors not only for its specific members, but for the investment money management community in general,” says Mark D. Lay, MDL’s chairman and CEO. “Raytheon gives us the ability to go to other corporations globally and say, ‘Look, we have competed successfully for the business and we are one of the top fixed-income managers that they have.'”

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