Mmagical Millennium Tour

Cautious optimism guides this year's journey into investments and the economy

in Los Angeles.

Bolton recommends the offerings of certain mutual fund companies like the Vanguard Group and T. Rowe Price Associates, as well as the mutual fund supermarket sponsored by Charles Schwab, for investors with an appetite for more volatile stocks. “These funds have low costs and they make an attempt to avoid sticking investors with taxes each year,” he asserts.

Some experts, among them Claud Burks, financial counselor with FCI Financial Group in Millis, Massachusetts, think investors who want to invest in equities of any kind should stay in mutual funds, regardless of how risky or safe some stocks appear to be.

Burks likes funds that have solid 10-year performance records, such as the portfolios offered by AIM Funds, American Funds, Kemper Funds and Oppenheimer Funds.

And you can always purchase hot new funds that stand a better chance of outperforming their peers in 2000 and for years to come–portfolios recently selected by Black Enterprise (see “New Millennium, New Funds,” December 1999).

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