Mr. Melody

Wendell Hanes' 30/60-second rhythmic pitch


Training: “The majority of composers want to do records or movies. Commercials represent the training ground for movies. “You also have to be familiar with all [different kinds of] music4hip-hop, rock, techno, jazz, and classical.” Hanes says there is no specific training except for what you learn on the job. “Become a receptionist or assistant engineer or tech assistant just to be in the environment at a commercial music house. You’ve got to love music and have the discipline and the inclination to start at the lowest point and then the motivation to create music every day. Love, commitment, and discipline.”

Hanes is currently working on a personal CD and musical called Symphonica, the story of a black piano player who is an 11-year-old prodigy and lover of classical music and urban beats. “A lot of us are not picking up instruments anymore. I would love to see black kids start to fall in love with an instrument.”

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