Mrs., Mom, And CEO

Vickie Clark runs a thriving home-based transportation business for kids

$20,000 business grants. In addition to Kids “R” Travelin’, the following businesses won grants in the 2001 competition:

  • Brides Noir ( The Chicago-based winner is a national bridal magazine aimed at upscale, professional African American women. Founders Dana M. Powell and Shannon Bonner plan to launch the publication as a quarterly in the fall of 2002.
  • K.A. Kitties. The New York-based winner is a fashion-consulting firm positioned as a one-stop shop of expertise in design, graphic art, illustration, merchandising, styling, and production. The result of a partnership of award-winning fashion industry veterans Dorothy Antoine, Zareth Edghill, Kianga Peterson, and Jazmine Ruotolo, K.A. Kitties counts urban fashion brands such as FUBU and Rocawear among their clients.
  • Unified Modular. The Houston-based winner is a business aimed at the design and manufacture of portable speakers for small- to medium-space venues with a special focus on the needs of deejays, founded by Josh Zulu and Ben Um.
  • Juice-C-Juice. The California-based winner is a smoothie bar that offers fresh blends of juices, fruits, and yogurts as a healthy alternative to conventional fast-food beverages. The company is headed by Lori Carter.

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