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about investing, this site is a must-see.

Once you’ve boned up on the basics or added a new topic to your investment vocabulary, point your browser to this site. For insight into stocks that may be on the rise, check out company spotlight. Each month the site offers an in-depth look at several publicly traded companies and judges them on their merits. A disclaimer states that the site receives no compensation for these spotlights and does not make, buy or sell recommendations, but you should still seek secondary information before taking any action on the companies. The guide to research is a thorough compendium of topics ranging from “how to spot when the bottom arrives” in Net stocks to “how to put stock valuations in perspective.” The site also includes a weekly e-mail newsletter, an IPO calendar, an announcement of mergers and more, for the discriminating investor.

In keeping with its new kinder and gentler stance, the IRS has a wealth of information on its site and uses an encouraging tone to present it. You’ll find everything from a W-4 calculator with which to figure your federal income tax withholding to an interactive feature called Tax Trials, which gives you insight into deductions, credits and other issues. There’s information on tax incentives for higher education, and the latest updates to the tax code. You can also sign up for the Digital Daily, which will keep you in the loop on the latest tax news and changes. Overall, it’s an informative site that should be first on your list when you’re in search of tax-related information.

This exhaustive Website has links to online resources offering taxpayer tips and information on income tax preparation assistance, rules, the tax code, financial planners and tax preparers, forms (from W-2 to Form 1040), publications, instructions, deductions and filing. You’ll find links to sites that specialize in the tax code, tax law, international taxes, tax software, tax tips, associations and tax newsletters. If you can’t find it on this site, it’s likely that you’ll have trouble finding it on the Web at all. | does its best to break down a complex subject. While there seems to be no way-barring legislation-to make our tax code simpler, this site does arm you with all the information you’ll need to make sense of your deductions and credits. Find out which travel expenses and taxes are deductible, capital gains tax rates and more at this lean site. Download state and federal forms that are viewable with an Adobe Acrobat Reader. is a service of Drake Software, which sells tax software.

Mortgage Homepage is a resource-rich site for home owners. On this site you can learn which mortgage is right for you using 20 different criteria (i.e., by state, whether you are looking to refinance, if you have imperfect credit, etc.). Mortgage Loanpage purports to have the largest searchable list of mortgage companies on the Internet. can link you

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