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At the 6th Annual B.E. Entrepreneurs Conference, black business owners inked groundbreaking deals while networking the night away in Opryland

The Year
A.L.D. Enterprises L.L.C.
David Mosley, President
David Wotuh, COO
Just as the chemist needs the right ingredients to create a life-saving drug, so does the entrepreneur need the right people to create a successful company.

But it also helps to toss a little money into the mortar. David Mosley, CEO, and David Wutoh, COO, along with partners Anthony Wutoh, the company’s chief consultant, and Dr. Leon Wright, a company officer, threw in $4,000 collectively to launch A.L.D. Enterprises L.L.C. in 1996.

Now, just five years later, the Baltimore-based home-infusion provider and wholesale supplier of pharmaceutical drugs and services expects to gross $10 million this year, and the partners look forward to making even more in 2002.

Mosley says he and his colleagues were “four black men who had the dollars and the sense.” They put together a five-year strategic plan and opened for business in Mosley’s home in October 1996. They all kept their day jobs. A.L.D. (the initials stand for Anthony, Leon, and David) made a whopping $250 that first year.

Jai Medical Systems, a local managed-care organization, Maryland Physicians Care, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are some of the clients responsible for A.L.D.’s robust health today.

The partners attribute networking, locating hard-to-find drugs, and, most important, controlling cash flow to the company’s amazingly fast growth.

The company, which employs 24, specializes in intravenous medications.
The introduction of a line of vitamins and manufacturing pharmaceuticals are in A.L.D.’s future.

Rising Star Award
Vital Marketing Group (VMG)
Joseph Anthony, President
To know Joseph Anthony is to know the urban market. The 28-year-old son of a Jamaican mother and a Puerto Rican father, Anthony was born and raised in Queens, New York, and remembers window-shopping as a child along Fifth and Madison avenues in Manhattan, dreaming about the day when he’d be able to afford the luxuries displayed.

Today, Anthony is the founder and president of Vital Marketing Group (VMG), a 2-year-old full-service communications company in New York City, and he can well afford pretty much any luxury he wants. VMG’s revenues for 2000 reached $3 million, a figure that reflects years of building relationships and battling gridlock.

“You don’t go to an Italian restaurant for Chinese food,” says Anthony. “It’s important that companies really take responsibility in seeking out the right agencies.

“I feel very passionate when I find out that a Fortune 500 company is using a mainstream agency to market to African Americans….It upsets me.”

What hasn’t upset Anthony is VMG’s client list: Tommy Hilfiger, Posner Cosmetics, Remy Martin, Native Films, and Foot Action are just some of the companies that have heard VMG’s creative message.

Last summer, the company formed a strategic alliance with Violator/AMG, which Anthony says is one of the largest urban artist management companies in the country. Violator manages such artists as LL Cool J and Maxwell.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to find ways to use each other’s resources and create revenue.”

Kidpreneurs Award
Chris Diggs, President
Inspiration comes from many sources, even from the loss of a loved one.
Christian Emanuel Diggs, the 18-year-old founder of in Dallas, says that when his

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