New Power Generation

From dealmakers to urban marketers, B.E. 100s companies are redefining business as usual -- and American industry will never be the same

invariably create a crop of billion-dollar companies that will rival the Fortune 500 over the next century.

Examples abound. They include auto dealers Anthony March and Ernest Hodge, who have sought growth through synergy and partnership. Others, like Carlton Highsmith, the CEO of Specialized Packaging Group, and Dumas M. Siméus, CEO of Siméus Foods International, have grown through acquisition and expansion.

While the be 100s veterans continue steering the course, others are just beginning their vertical climb to the rafters. From the one-two punch of Beverly and William Parker at Washington Cable Supply Inc. to the technical wizardry of David Steward at World Wide Technology, these CEOs represent a new driving force in American business. The New Power Generation will not be denied.

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