No Business Without Technology

You can�t credibly start any business today without having a strong online presence.

making me pull my hair out (not something I can afford to do). I marvel at the way technology has become fully integrated into every facet of our lives. I text now. Therefore, I am.

I’m very proud of the fact that at Black Enterprise, we jumped on the Web-driven bandwagon early. We first launched in 1998 as a companion site to the magazine and a fast, inexpensive way to market our events and other products. Our business was then 25 years old and the emergence of this new platform for communicating, marketing, and selling energized our efforts, and whetted out appetite for expansion into new media.

In the past 15 years our site has changed dramatically—and ceaselessly. Like the Internet itself, is in a perpetual state of evolution, a reality that’s both exciting and challenging.
Our most recent design, launched this year, boasts more exclusive content than ever, including resources, tips, and interviews directly related to but not found in the magazine. We have micro-sites specifically for our BE Next and Women of Power audiences,  and blogs from our editors and a growing stable of dynamic new bloggers covering news, personal finance, careers, small business, and more. You’ll also find exclusive video coverage from our annual Women of Power Summit and Entrepreneur’s Conference as well as the ability to access every segment of our television shows, Black Enterprise Business Report and Our World with Black Enterprise. If you haven’t logged on to already, consider this your personal invitation to do so today.

Earl G. Graves Sr. is the Founder and Publisher of Black Enterprise

This article originally appeared in the March 2010 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.

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  • Great Article. Technology is a beautiful thing. I agree that if you are a start-up or even an existing company…if your not with the digital program…you’re lost. Again great article


  • This is a fantastic article that I have decide to use to teach my students. People wonder why some businesses are going under. It simply and mostly because they are not paying attention to TECHNOLOGY. … smh

    “You can’t credibly start any business today without having a strong online presence. ” That is a TRUTH…

    Thank you Mr Graves

    Ola Abitogun
    The MLM Brothers

  • Great information and advice for anyone who is unaware of the power of web 2.0. I run a social network for the residents of Compton, Ca…..that said, I am wondering is there a sort of vice versa article to be found. Meaning, what do you do when your business is an online presence in and of itself? I do sell advertising space and “sponsored groups” yet I am open to ideas/articles, as sales have been virtually non existent. I have created a brand that the community trusts, accepts and looks to as an alternative source of information; I do not moderate member posts, thus our forum is the truest sense of reporting for Compton residents.
    If you could direct me to an article which speaks to my current business needs, it would be much appreciated.

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