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Cash Flow Management
Robert Wallace, author, and CEO of BithGroup Technologies Inc. insists that healthy cash flow occurs only within companies that manage their partnerships well; companies need to understand how their talents complement their partners’ strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing Magic
Five Dimensions of Customer Value:
1. Simplicity
2. Clarity
3. Quality
4. Access
5. Value

“You need to translate however you’re operating today into ways to improve upon these dimensions,” says Aubyn E. Thomas, senior vice president of marketing services and corporate marketing for Macy’s Inc. “It will increase your brand value, because customers want to do business with companies in this way.”

Building a World-Class Workforce
“The way you do business is as important as the business you do,” says executive coach Chris Bryant, founder of Rapport Strategies Group.

  • RECRUIT top talent only.
  • REWARD what you want repeated
  • RENEW your team for long-term performance

Tackle Technology
“What drives people to us on the Web is interesting, fascinating, and captivating content (i.e., a blog post, comment, video, etc.). The goal: Get them to respond to you. So we want to get into good conversations, giving us an opportunity to have meaningful exchanges, sharing of information, building that relationship. And if we have enough of those exchanges, we’ll begin to create business relationships. Maybe it’ll be a customer, maybe it’s a vendor or a partner relationship, but it’s somebody that will add value to the bottom line.  —Brent Leary, co-founder, CRM Essentials L.L.C.

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