No Place Like Home Care

As life expectancy increases, opportunities open up for home healthcare providers

must have nurse’s aide certification.

You can accept private medical insurance if you meet the insurer’s criteria, which vary from company to company. Additional licensing and certification are required to work with Medicare and Medicaid recipients. For example, to accept Medicare clients, you must apply through the state Medicare agency, plus obtain a surety bond of $50,000 from an approved surety company. A state representative inspects your agency to make sure it meets health and safety standards and visits your active patients (you must have at least seven) to review patient care and clinical records. Also, you must have at least three months’ worth of operating funds on hand, plus a steady revenue. Starting later this year, background checks on criminal records are expected to be required for all home health aides. The state will then make a recommendation to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to approve or deny the application.

For more information, check out Health Care Horizons’ Web site, at, or call your regional office of health care financing administration.

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