Nobody’s fool

Gary Hill has found his niche as chief financial officer

in sales. It now employs approximately 200 people. The company declined to release any other revenue figures.

The Fool’s internal growth evolved at the same pace as its popularity-quickly. On a monthly basis, receives 1.6 million visitors. “Our long-term goal is to be the most popular source of profitable advice on earth,” Hill adds.

As chief financial officer, Hill’s duties now involve maintaining the company’s budget, evaluating financial risks while searching for financial alternatives and maximizing the organization’s long-term value. He also oversees six managers of other Fool departments, including advertising and human resources.

Over the next five years, Gardner projects that Hill will set the tone for marketing and employment, and within 10 years, the Fool plans to establish a venture fund from which to lend money to other businesses. “Gary has two qualities that are invaluable: consistency, because he is tireless in his efforts, and trustworthiness,” Gardner says.

Hill has found contentment in his career. “It’s a rare combination that you love what you’re doing and that what you’re doing is good for others,” he says. “This is the last place I can picture myself.”

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