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How to break in and move up in the hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and technology industries

really need to do a gut check to see if the industry is really for them.”

Companies prefer to hire people who have a track record and demonstrate commitment to the hospitality industry, says Moresi.

Moving up. To advance in the industry, Penny says nothing beats getting experience in as many aspects of the industry as possible. Penny stresses that hospitality places more emphasis on performance than educational degrees, making it an ideal career for those who get along well with people and are willing to work hard.

“In my organization, we have general managers who have never been to college. One is from Turkey and started here 18 years ago as a dishwasher and knew no English. Now he’s a general manager at a small hotel.”

The computer industry is experiencing a downturn, according to WetFeet.com, an independent research company and provider of industry and career information. For manufacturers, demand for computers has slipped, resulting in layoffs and hiring freezes. In 2001 computer hardware sales dropped by 14.3%. Sales are expected to continue at a downward trend in 2002, dropping 1.7%, according to Gartner Dataquest, a San Jose, California-based market researcher that monitors the computer industry.

The Internet has affected all aspects of the software industry. Software sales to consumers look better than sales to companies, say experts. Sales of retail software in 2001 were expected to increase 3% from 2000, according NPD Techworld, a market researcher based in Port Washington, New York.

In contrast, software sales to midsize and large businesses were expected to fall 1% in 2001, according to Gartner Dataquest. As for Internet companies, they are continuing to lay off workers to cut costs and survive. Sales of e-business software makers dropped more than 30% between 2000 and 2001.

Where the industry is headed. To stand out, computer manufacturers need to provide excellent customer service and support and establish a strong brand identify. In software, those with a background in online marketing and e-commerce can do well. In the Internet and new media, technical and sales employees have a slight advantage over marketers and content managers, reports WetFeet.com.

One growth area is cyber security. Gartner Dataquest reports that corporate purchases of such services are expected to more than double from $1.8 billion in 2001 to $3.9 billion by 2004. Gartner Dataquest also predicts sales of Palm Pilots and pocket computers to grow by 22.2% in 2002.

Breaking in. This is not the best time for professionals from other industries to break into the high-tech industry, says Lynn Launer, president of High Tech Recruiters, an executive search firm based in Langley, Washington. “There are so many resumes from people with a lot of industry experience right now.”

For professionals with industry experience, the growth is in marketing and public relations areas, says Launer. “Positions that get the product out there and bring in revenue are in demand. Companies are not looking to train people, but looking for those who can come in and give them the best return on investment.”

To succeed in the

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