Onward & Upward

B.E.'s 2000 Small Business Award winners are flying high. Here's why.

article about his company. “They thought it was pretty interesting that a kid was building a business selling worms,” he says.

“After the article ran, people started talking about us,” Bruce said. “We became more successful.”

TK Worm Factory recently received orders from Japan and Ecuador.

“Business wasn’t as easy as I thought it was,” remembers Bruce. “All this stuff started happening [increased sales] and you’ve got to keep track of it.”

Bruce, who wants to be an environmental or civil engineer, initially allowed several of his classmates to work at the factory to earn extra money for school items. Only one of them, Decardos Maddox, 15, stayed on, and was made a partner.

“Like every business person, I want [TK Worm] to expand and get repeat business. I want people to understand the usefulness of worms.”

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