Open your own shopping mall–online

Here's how to set up shop as a cybermall and mind all the stores

for consumers to come to them, failing to develop an online promotions strategy.

To be successful, you have to advertise heavily and make it easy for customers to navigate and access stores in the mall. As a mall owner, your job is to generate traffic to the site and add value to your tenants. You can promote your tenant’s services by joining news groups and mailing lists, arranging links with other sites, advertising in trade publications or newsletters, and distributing written literature about the mall’s various storefronts.

Moreover, storefront owners may expect you to help them design and maintain their sites. You’ll have to provide the necessary tools for processing orders and credit card information, and encrypting currency transactions.

To locate some malls, check out Universal Cybermall (www.umall. com), MarketPlaza ( and Majon’s Cybermall ( You can also be listed with existing malls for a small fee. For example, Internet Mall (, with more than 25,000 stores, will charge you $48 a year to provide a link to your site and give a brief description of your business.

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