Organizing A Life Together

Eric Worley and his fiancée, Kimberly Palmer, are crafting common financial goals for their future

they should think twice about going on a trip for now,” says Clark. Once they are done saving for the wedding, Worley estimates that he and Palmer could begin putting aside $500 a month or more on a regular basis.

Winner No. 39 EricWorley

Financial Snapshot:

Gross Income $90,000
Other (Eric’s car, jewelry, household furnishings, etc.) 20,000
Joint Savings Account 1,000
Eric’s Savings Account 1,000
Joint Checking Account 950
Kimberly’s Roth IRA 2,000
Eric’s Roth IRA 2,500
Kimberly’s 403(b) Account 2,500
Eric’s Stock Investment 300
Kimberly’s Stock Investment 300
Total $94,550
Mortgage $60,000
Kimberly’s Student Loans 50,000
Eric’s Student Loans 8,000
Eric’s Credit Card 2,500
Eric’s Car 3,000
Eric’s Consolidated Loan 7,000
Total $130,500
Net Worth -$35,950
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