Our Major Franchise: Education

Both were extremely passionate about the project, in part, for personal reasons. To ensure that her children were instructed well, White Goode spent eight years homeschooling them, while brand-new mother Wade Talbert will begin the formal education process with her offspring within a few short years (though the informal process begins now).

Other features in this issue have a special focus on education as well. The feature “How to Negotiate a Better Financial Aid Package” and the lead item in our Money section, “Getting a Break for Funding Your Kid’s Education,” tells parents how they can use financial strategies to their advantage, in light of the high cost of college. Go to BlackEnterprise.com for additional education stories, and join us on Facebook and Twitter to be part of this critical conversation.

black enterprise has always demonstrated a commitment to education—a dedication that was infused into our DNA by our Publisher and Founder Earl G. Graves Sr. Today, that focus threads through all our media platforms. Besides our magazine and digital offerings, we school our audiences through two award-winning television shows, Black Enterprise Business Report and Our World with Black Enterprise, which have tackled various issues surrounding education in the past and which launch their new seasons this month. These shows are crafted by our dynamic production team led by Vice President & Broadcast Director Genevieve Michel-Bryan.

Education represents our most critical franchise—the tool needed for financial empowerment and economic advancement. To us, school is always in session.

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