Out With The Old, And In With The New

Before you buy a new PC, a CPU might do

wires from the mother-board, taking careful note of how they’re arranged. This is especially true of the two main motherboard power connectors. If you reconnect them in the wrong order, you could damage your motherboard. You’ll recognize these connectors because they originate from the same casing that the unit’s power cord comes from. Remove any add-in boards, also noting exactly what they’re for.

STEP 5: Unscrew the motherboard and remove it from the PC case. Install the CPU and RAM from the old motherboard onto the new motherboard. Both the CPU and RAM snap into place. You will likely see a zero insertion force (ZIF) lever near the CPU. Lift the lever to release or install the processor and lower it to secure the processor in place. This lets you install the CPU with minimal pressure. Make sure you align the diagonal edge of the CPU with the diagonal edge of the socket into which it fits. Misaligning the pins could damage the CPU and render it useless.

STEP 6: Place the new motherboard in the case and maneuver it gently until it is secure. Screw it down firmly, but not too tight. Replace the main power connectors, RAM, video card, keyboard, power connectors, hard drive and reset lights. After you’ve done this, turn the PC on. If everything is connected properly, the machine will boot up. After you’ve passed this test, turn the PC off again, unplug it and connect all remaining cables such as the floppy drive, CD-ROM drive and hard drive, and install any other add-in cards. Make sure all your cables and wires are secure and everything has been properly replaced.

STEP 7: With the cover still off the case, turn the PC and monitor on. A BIOS message will likely appear on the screen. Restart the PC and everything should be in working order. If not, retrace the last few steps to make sure everything is properly installed. If you still experience problems, call the technical support line for the PC and any components you’ve just added. Once you’re satisfied that the computer is working optimally, restore the case and get ready to enjoy the fruit
s of your labor.

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