Packaged for Promotion

Don't sell yourself short. Here's how to brand yourself on the job and get to the next level.

If you were given a million dollars to do a TV commercial that advertises your most valuable skill, do you know what the skill would be?
Yes or No

11. If you answered yes to Question 10, name the skill you would advertise:

12. How would you describe the way you feel about your job?
a) I love my job. My skills and personality fit my job perfectly.
b) My job is okay. What I’m really good at and what the job requires don’t exactly match up.
c) I’m just passing time until something I really want to do comes along.

13. Do you know what the most important skill your boss (or client) is looking for in an employee?
Yes or No

14. If you answered yes to Question 13, name the most important skill your boss (or client) is looking for:

15. Do you know what skills are important in your industry?
Yes or No

Give yourself two points for every “Yes” and zero for every “No.”

Total points:

Grand total
35 points: Congratulations! You have a strong self-knowledge. You know your brand, understand what your boss (or client) expects of you and you have a knowledge of the market and industry in which you compete.

30 to 34 points: You are well on your way to developing a brand that will set you apart in a very competitive marketplace. However, you need to fine-tune a few areas to be truly a star in your field.

25 to 29 points: You know some important things about yourself and the market in which you compete. But to become a leader in your industry, you need some work.

20 to 24 points: To see success in your chosen field or industry, you’re going to need to work on many aspects of your career.

19 points or less: To turn your job into a career, you need to roll up your sleeves and get going. All it takes is a sincere desire and hard work.

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