Picking Up The Pieces

Terrorist attacks leave small information technology firm bent but not broken

Atlanta area this year in an effort to tap state and federal government contracts in Georgia.

Duroseau founded Marnic Technologies after spending several years in corporate America. His early projects included independent consulting for several Fortune 500 firms.

Duroseau’s initial investment was $51,000. “I self-financed everything until 2000 when I brought on two other partners to join the board.” The partners chipped in $17,000 each. “Together we financed the growth of the company by increasing and maintaining a strong client base — a strategy we still stick with today as we rebuild,” he says.

Fortunately, the reduction in business as a result of the terrorist attacks did not force Duroseau to lay off any personnel. And he remains upbeat about the future of his firm. “While the overall situation of Sept. 11 was very difficult to deal with, it definitely gave us the motivation to never give up.”

Marnic Technologies, 245 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10167; 877-627-6421

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