Profiting From Consumer Behavior

Data mining helps businesses make more money by predicting the spending habits of their customers

Repeat the process with each winner to constantly improve.

Vertster ( is another firm that provides testing applications, in the form of Split Testing Suite (starting at $87.98 per month) and Taguchi Multivariate Testing Suite (contact Vertster for pricing).

Offermatica ( provides real-time data analysis and reporting and customer segment targeting, giving its small-business clients access to the same online tools as the big guys.

Unica Corp. ( offers consulting services as well as advanced solutions for marketers and statisticians in the form of Affinium Model, which monitors customer behavior patterns and integrates with the end user’s technology infrastructure.

Computer Associates ( provides a range of applications from the big enterprise level to the small business, including tools such as AllFusion.

For companies looking to maximize their online profits, there is also Revenue Science (, which uses behavioral targeting methods to provide a range of marketing solutions to clients.

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