Pursuing A Strategic Vision

B.E. 100s CEOs are focused on maintainingtheir competitive edge today, while positioningtheir companies for tomorrow's opportunities

to government procurement officers. Those “late nights and worn shoe leather” turned into multimillion-dollar contracts with the Justice Department, Securities and Exchange Commission and USDA as well as such private corporations as Experian (formerly TRW) and BTG. Sales for 1996 grew a whopping 153.9%. The company grossed $39.86 million, making it the No. 2 growth leader on this year’s BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 list.
English demonstrated how most BE 100s CEOs get to their destination. It’s called drive.

The BE 100s are comprised of the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 and the BE AUTO DEALER 100. To be eligible for the INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100, a company must have been fully operational in the previous calendar year and be at least 51% black-owned. It must manufacture or own the product it sells or provide industrial or consumer services. Brokerages, real estate firms and firms that provide professional services (accountants, lawyers, etc.) are not eligible. To qualify for the AUTO DEALER 100, a dealership must have been fully operational in the previous year and be at least 51% black-owned
BLACK ENTERPRISE consults industry analysts and other sources to verify the information contained in the lists. All data are reviewed by the accounting firm Mitchell & Titus, L.L.P. Companies not appearing on this year’s list (but previously listed) have been excluded because they are no longer black-owned or their gross sales have dropped below the minimum level required to make the list.
The BE 100s, as well as other business lists compiled by BE, are available on computer disks, in both DOS and Mac formats. TopList Software provides mailing addresses and phone numbers of the companies listed as well as other software features.

For more information, contact B.E. Business Programs at 212-886-9576.

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