Quick Meals Offer Sweet Deals ..

Three fast food chains available in one franchise agreement

cream sales in New England. Regarding Togo’s, which is being introduced to the East Coast as an upscale competitor to Subway and Blimpie’s, Turnbull is taking a wait-and-see attitude before jumping in.

Before signing up with any franchisor, Turnbull recommends thoroughly investigating the market and scrutinizing the franchisor. “A good franchisor must procure the right franchisee community and make sure high standards are maintained. If 10% of the franchisees are bad, they can negatively impact the other 90%,” he says.

His successes notwithstanding, Turnbull readily points out that running a franchise is not a cakewalk. “There’s a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ involved,” he says. “The key is getting the customers in and out quickly every day and giving them a reason to come back. It’s that simple and that challenging.”

For more information on franchising opportunities with Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins or Togo’s, contact Allied Domecq at 800-777-9983.

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