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Can Wall Streetwise newsletter actually beat the Street?

acquiring smaller regional rivals. All told, the company should continue to enjoy double-digit earnings growth as a growing number of Americans age, according to Wilson.

Employment contractor Robert Half (NYSE: RHI) is a stock Wall Streetwise is banking on for twos reasons. First, the company focuses on signing up white collar or managerial employees as well as computer programmers. That strategy has helped the company profit from increased outsourcing by corporations nationwide. Wilson says trends should help Robert Half maintain a 22%-25% earnings growth rate for the next three to five years.

Wilson likes State Street Corp. (NYSE: STT), a bank that has made a name for itself as a major custodian and administrator of corporate 401(k) plans. “The company has more than $1 trillion under management, and the amount continues to grow along with the number of baby boomers who are getting serious about saving for their futures,” says Wilson.

Another favorite is the long-distance company Worldcom (NASDAQ: WCOM). “This is a company that’s positioned to be the next AT&T,” says Wilson, who’s enthusiastic about recent negotiations to acquire MCI and CompuServe.

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