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Our schools need private industry and government aid to make education and technology a winning combination .

which educational issues are best addressed by technology and which technologies make sense to your school.

  • Help foster relationships between private companies and the school. Your employer could be a valuable resource–especially for those working in IT companies. Find out if they have any computers, technical expertise or funds to donate.
  • Volunteer your time and expertise. If you’re an IT professional, you probably have as host of software, hardware or support expertise that is invaluable to a school. Don’t exclude yourself if you are not an IT professional. Think of how your knowledge translate to the education arena. Everyone has a role to play. ..CT.- U.S. Department of Education 600 Maryland Ave. SW Washington, DC 20202 800-USA-LEARN
  • The Department of Education’s Web site has a wealth of information on schools and technology, including grant opportunities such as the Technology Innovation Challenge Grants and a resource guide to federal funding for Technology In Education. You’ll also find links to state technology Web sites and examples of star schools around the country that have been successful in integrating schools and technology. There’s even a description of the e-rate program and tips on how to apply.

    National Center for Technology Planning P.O. Box 5425 Mississippi State, MS 39762 601-325-7253

    The center is a clearinghouse for the exchange of all types of information related to technology planning. Information may include school district technology plans as well as local and international government agencies and industries available for down-loading via a computer network; technology planning aids (checklists, brochures, sample planning forms, PR announcement forms. etc.); and/or electronic monographs on timely, selected topics. The center was created for those who need help or are seeking fresh ideas or solutions to problems encountered with planning.

    Fostering the Use of Educational Technology; Elements of a National Strategy RAND Corp. 1700 Main St. P.O. Box 2138 Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138 310-393-0411

    A nonprofit agency that helps improve public policy through research and analysis. At this Web site, you’ll find an extensive report on the current use and effectiveness of educational technology. The report, published by Thomas K. Glennan and Arthur Melmed, is an in-depth study of the role technology will play in our children’s future. It also examines the federal government’s part in bringing students into the 21st century.

    National Telecommunications & Information Administration U.S. Department of Commerce 1401 Constitution Ave. NW Room 4898 Washington, DC 20230 202-482-1840

    Get valuable information on TIIAP grants and other initiatives. NTIA offers a variety of assistance to the public in the telecommunications arena. Forms of assistance include grants, training, information and research services that promote greater public participation in the development of telecommunications and information technology and services.

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