Reevaluating your career plan

Now that you're experienced and tenured, should you stay the course or change direction?

to be moving in a positive direction? What competencies are important?

“Begin looking at your company from a global perspective. You may have to work to understand different cultures and be willing to take an international assignment or work on projects that give you exposure in various ways,” says Freda Peters, vice president of executive development at Textron Inc. in Providence, Rhode Island. “Globalization is the name of the game today, and flexibility is needed as employees become more mobile.”

Planning your moves will help you not only design your career, but develop a deeper and more textured understanding of your industry and the role it will play in the new millennium. The importance of both is significant for the future. “Don’t be content with where you are in the corporation,” says Peters. “Understand the external and internal environment and look for opportunities.”

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