Reinventing Black Business

At our inaugural CEO Roundtable, top business leaders offered their strategies on how to best transform today's BE 100s and develop tomorrow's crop of entrepreneurs

on the RSIS Website. One such partnership, a joint venture named Energy Enterprise Solutions L.L.C., transformed 1 Source Consulting Inc. (RSIS’s partner company) into a BE 100S company. This was, in part, thanks to Hunt’s mentorship.

What many of the entrepreneurs like Hunt, Mays, and Carter have done is develop their own supplier programs in which they have contracted–and, in some cases, financed–a number of minority vendors. In fact, one proposal on the table was that each BE 100S CEO adopt entrepreneurs as their protégés or bring at least one business owner as their guest to such events as the annual Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference. BE

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  • Jay

    I appreciated the article. I would agree that access to capital and networking seem to be among the most challenging aspects when starting a new venture. I only hope for a day that the BE 100s establish an angel investment network for aspiring, black entrepreneurs.