Release The Genius

Everyone has important mental gifts. Read on to discover your inner brainiac.

for visual IQ, such as charts, slides, and video.

Notables: Steven Spielberg, Jane Goodall, Spike Lee, Andy Warhol, Dr. Seuss

Power Professions: Engineer, pilot, surgeon, photographer, architect, movie director

Action Exercises: Increase visual intelligence with eye-teasing pastimes such as jigsaw puzzles, doodling, mazes, movies, gardening, art exhibits, and photography.

Your verbal intelligence, also known as “word smarts” and “linguistic intelligence,” is the brain system responsible for everything to do with words. It enables you to remember them, understand them, think them, speak them, read them, and write them.

Typically, we draw on less than 25% of our verbal intelligence. Even those who employ their word smarts constantly, such as writers and news commentators, rarely draw on more than 50% of their verbal IQ.

Because they think in words, those who are strong in word smarts were the teacher’s pet in English and creative writing and learn most quickly through lectures and books.

Notables: Maya Angelou, Robin Williams, Isaac Asimov, Geraldo Rivera, Johnnie Cochran Jr.

Power Professions: Journalist, stand-up comedian, politician, attorney, teacher, talk show host

Action Exercises: Increase your verbal IQ by reading, listening to audio books, playing word games, and writing in a journal.

Logical intelligence is also known as “thinking smarts,” “the problem-solving intelligence,” and “conscious decision making.” Our power to reason and think logically is not only what separates us from the beasts, it is also responsible for all human progress.

Every second in life requires a decision or poses a problem. It begins with which side of the bed to get out of, encompasses how to pay for your son’s new braces, which of yesterday’s unanswered letters to begin with when you settle in at your desk for the morning, [and] the best way to get a promotion.

Because they think in logical connections and numbers, individuals who possess thinking smarts earned top grades in science and math and learn best when they can assemble the information they need in a logical fashion. They become fired with passion for assignments that challenge their problem-solving or organizational know-how. They keep their logical IQ optimized by attending professional workshops on weekends and taking courses toward an advanced degree during vacations.

Notables: Barbara Walters, Carl Sagan, John H. Johnson, Bill Gates, Alan Keyes

Power Professions: Scientist, physician, computer programmer, accountant, financial analyst, administrative assistant

Action Exercises: Watch science, court, and business programs on television and visit museums.

Creative intelligence, also known as “idea smarts,” “originality,” and “inventive intelligence,” is behind every new idea and daydream, from how to stop that sudden leak under the sink long enough to get through a dinner party, to how to be on time for that meeting during a citywide taxi strike, to the best way to say “I’m sorry” to a loved one.

Because they experience a constant flow of original thoughts and inspirations, those with idea smarts flourish in classes such as theater, design, and television; [they also] catch fire for jobs that demand inventiveness.

Notables: Thomas Edison, Martha Stewart, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett

Power Professions: Entrepreneur, illustrator, actor, musician, fashion designer, landscaper

Action Exercises: Increase

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