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Everyone has important mental gifts. Read on to discover your inner brainiac.

your creative IQ by attending concerts, writing, or painting.

Physical intelligence, also known as “body smarts,” is the brain complex that oversees every bodily activity, internal and external. If your rational, conscious self tried to keep track of all the stuff going on at home and the office while supervising every step and move you make, it would have a breakdown. Despite the evidence before our eyes, we fall prey to the [misperception] that all body smarts aren’t useful unless someone becomes an athlete and performer.

Because they think with their bodies, people with body smarts are noticeably well-coordinated and graceful, excel in physical education, and were probably on one team or another (or had musical talent and played in the school band). They typically throw themselves wholeheartedly into any effort that can engage their physical intelligence.

Notables: Eddie Murphy, Colin Powell, Martina Navratilova, “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer, Babe Ruth, Fred Astaire

Power Professions
: “Slapstick” comedian, jeweler, ballplayer, dancer, sculptor, carpenter, gardener

Action Exercises: Increase your physical IQ with activities such as racquetball and backpacking.

Emotional intelligence, also known as “feeling smarts,” encompasses the entire emotional realm. Personal life is about nothing if not emotion, from our own enjoyment of a winter landscape, the love of others for us, or the anger of strained communications. But they are an often overlooked factor in business. Motivation, after all, is an emotional charge that gets us up out of our chair eager to get something done.

Because they do their best thinking and problem solving in terms of feelings, those with feeling smarts were popular in school and belonged to the student council, debating team, or dramatic society. [They] are best motivated by assignments that require them to interact heavily with others [and] learn the quickest from coaches and mentors.

Notables: Jesse Jackson Sr., Steven Covey, Mary Kay Ash, Barney Frank, Lisa Ling, Les Brown

Power Professions: Consultant, clergy, social worker, receptionist, mediator, public relations professional

Action Exercises: Increase you emotional IQ with group games, social gatherings, through mentoring, and by attending community events.

From Super Brain Power: 6 Keys to Unlocking Your Hidden Genius by Jean Marie Stine (Prentice Hall Press, $14). Copyright © 2000. Reprinted by arrangement with Prentice Hall Press.

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