Resetting Priorities

The Rooks family has adjusted their portfolio for better earnings

24% international, 19% small-cap, and 5% in low-grade bonds: “This is the best portfolio mix for someone like Michelle who is looking to invest for at least 18 more years and has a moderately aggressive risk tolerance,” says Helm.

To supplement their retirement earnings, the Rooks are placing $160 per month into a variable life insurance policy, which could provide additional income of $13,000 per year from age 66 to 100. This policy also pays a face value of $250,000 if Michelle passes away. John was declined for this policy due to higher underwriting requirements than were anticipated. Additionally, Michelle, who is the highest wage earner in the family, contributes $86 per month to a $1 million term life insurance policy. “They have a high need for insurance because they have three daughters,” explains Helm.
“I feel a lot safer now that I have added security for my family,” says Michelle

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