Revving Up To The Motorcycle Craze

The season is open for new riders

you buy, any prospective motorcyclist should learn the proper way to ride. Instructor Andrews is most concerned that those joining the sport aren’t taking the time to learn the proper skills or wear the right safety gear, which includes a helmet-whether your state requires it or not-and proper over-the-ankle boots, gloves and dedicated riding clothing.

The best protection will always be improved riding skill. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers courses for new and experienced riders. Information on riding, as well as insurance and financing, is available from Discover Today’s Motorcycling. Both organizations can be reached at 800-833-3995. You can also get into the loop by joining the American Motorcyclist Association; call 800262-5646.
The best way to find a riding club is to inquire at a motorcycle dealership. Some clubs are brand specific; others are more social. One annual event that attracts thousands of black motorcyclists is the National Round-Up. This year it will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Ohio Valley Raceway on Dixie Highway, July 28-August 2. Featured will be bike showings, motorcycle races, contests and Harley-Davidson test drives. Helmets, gloves and jackets are required for racing. Call 502-772-7715 for details.

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