Roller-Coaster Ride

Our panel of experts review today's volatile market. Strap yourself in and get prepared for a bumpy trip.

CPQ) 29.00 27.3 Tricon Global Restaurants (NYSE: YUM) 27.75 13.9

Sara Lee. “They are heavily exposed in Europe. Basically, the company has been hurt by a weakness in the euro. They own Coach Leather Goods, Hanes Underwear, and household products such as Brylcream. New management came in. They have decided to IPO the Coach business and to sell off the Monarch Food Service business, which will generate about $2.5 billion, which they are going to redeploy in their core businesses. They are really focused on growing earnings and having quality revenues.”

Compaq Computer. “Compaq is a manufacturer of PCs and servers and storage devices. It lost ground, over the years, to Dell, and even to Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, and so forth, but they do remain the margin share leader. They brought in a new [CEO who’s] better in tune with the needs of the corporate customer. They are doing some innovative things. They are developing streamlined Internet products.”

Tricon Global Restaurants. “Tricon was a spin-off of Pepsi-Cola when [Pepsi] decided to focus on their snack food and soda pop business. Tricon [which is the holding company for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell] is actually the largest restaurant group in the world, if you look at units. The company was spun off a few years ago and overloaded with debt, probably unfairly. They have been in a mode now of trying to pay that debt down. They have done that through selling off stores and trying to find highly motivated franchisees to purchase those stores and then use the proceeds to pay down debt.”


1999 B.E. Roundtable Stock Picks

Dawn Alston Paige, Loomis Sayles MidCap Value Fund
Company (Exchange: Ticker) Current Price Price at Recommendation* Total Return
SCI Systems (NYSE: SCI) $51.19 $25.75 98.76%
Allmerica Financial Corp.
61.25 59.47 02.99
Saks inc.
(NYSE: Sks)
9.75 23.87 -59.15
Kim Lew, Ford Foundation
EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) $89.56 $29.47 203.90%
Nortel Networks Corp. (NYSE: NT) 76.00 21.64 251.20
Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) 81.12 19.31 320.09
Walt Pearson, Alliance Capital Management
Tyco International Ltd.
$54.62 $50.10 09.02%
IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) 120.62 123.24 -2.13
Cisco Systems. (NYSE: CSCO) 64.31 31.78 102.36
Craig Simmons, Williams Capital Management**
FDX Corp. (NYSE: FDX) $41.56 $43.00 -3.35%
Sylvan Learning Systems Inc. (NYSE: SLVN) 15.37 8.87 73.28
Venator Group Inc. (NYSE: Z) 13.94 12.56 10.99
Bill Thomason Thomas Capital Management
PeopleSoft Inc. (NYSE: PSFT) $24.81 $14.31 073.38%
Borders Group Inc. (NYSE: BGP) 13.93 12.56 010.91
Mattel Inc. (NYSE: MAT) 10.62 21.31 50.16
*Price of stock as of

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