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Our panel of experts review today's volatile market. Strap yourself in and get prepared for a bumpy trip.

to reading materials on that company, maybe reading the stock tables and that sort of thing. For the very, very novice, I think generally a good way to play the market, if you don’t feel very comfortable and you don’t have the resources to get professional help, is just to start putting some money, on a dollar cost averaging basis, in an index fund, and use that as a basis to go higher.

COLEMAN: I guess the only advice I would give an individual investor is to hire us. Our minimum is $5,000, and we’re available through www.wegrow That’s the advice I would give. I think it’s essential. You have four professionals who each approach it slightly differently, although Stephen Humphrey is closest to me. I have always said that it’s important to buy what you know, that the familiar is the safest. If you have had a favorable consumption experience, and so favorable that you are loyal to the brand or the product or service, then you are okay.

Doris Kelley-Watkins, Evergreen Utility Fund

Stock (Exchange: Ticker)

Price at Recommendation

5-Year Estimated EPS Growth Rate

Nextel (Nasdaq: NXTL) $57.00 30.3%
Crown Castle (Nasdaq: TWRS) 36.47 51.4
Consolidated Edison (NYSE: ED) 32.38 3.4

Nextel Communications. “They have a good fundamental business story in the wireless communications industry. Nextel also has an international arm, both in the U.K. and in Canada. They have above average revenue per subscriber, which they can sustain because of unique features like their “direct-connect” button, which almost makes a customer feel as if he is getting a long distance phone call for absolutely nothing. It was the darling in 1999. It’s fallen upon hard times now, which again is nothing more than an entry point for me.”

Crown Castle International.
“Crown Castle owns, operates, builds, and acquires telecommunications towers. Crown Castle has a big international presence mostly in the U.K. They own a lot of broadcast towers, which gives them more vertical real estate, and that’s more opportunity for revenue.”

Consolidated Edison. “This is an above-average choice, currently more than 6%, from a utility that no longer fits the traditional description. They sold off most [power] plants, and I expect nuclear will be sold off over the next 12 months. Then they are only going to be an electricity distributor. That’s all. There is good profit. It’s stable. It’s not controversial. Con Edison already is about to complete its merger with Northeast Utilities, which just makes it a bigger distribution company in some of the most highly populated parts of this country. So Con Edison is just an excellent income opportunity.”



Stephen Coleman, Daedalus Capital

Stock (Exchange: Ticker)

Price at Recommendation

5-Year Estimated EPS Growth Rate

Adobe Systems (Nasdaq: ADBE) $116.75 25.8%
Broadcom (Nasdaq: BRCM) 238.94 46.7
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