Saucy Success

Promotional efforts help a family business thrive

introduce the coffee to new customers,” says McDow. “We list an 800 number on the back of our products, and I am pleased to say, we’ve gotten several follow-sales as a result of the baskets.”

In their first year, Heritage Baskets produced 250 baskets and reached $25,000 in sales. This year, they expect to fill 375 orders. The baskets, which include Kente cloth place mats, napkins and a Soul Food Classic Cuisine Cookbook (the cookbook comes with the Grand Finale package), contain anything from New Orleans Style Pudding to Sweet Potato & Yams Seasoning–and, of course, they all contain a bottle of Collins’ Mumbo Sauce.

Select Brands, P.O. Box 199361, Chicago, IL 60619; 312-994-8889. Heritage Baskets; 800-599-6305

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