Scandal-Free Mutual Funds

Exchange-traded funds can shelter investors from mutual fund abuses

Index ETFs by 3-Year Return (Through Feb. 29, 2004)

Fundname Exchange: Ticker Category 1-Year
iShares S.Korea Index AMEX: EWY Pacific/Asia Stock* 62.49 25.29 NA
iShares Austria Index AMEX: EWO Europe Stock 72.89 23.19 11.06
iShares C&S Realty AMEX: ICF Specialty-Real Estate 46.11 19.31 NA
iShares DJ RE Index AMEX: IYR Specialty-Real Estate 46.93 18.52 NA
streetTRACKS SmCap V AMEX: DSV Small-cap Value 61.41 17.88 NA
iShares Australia AMEX: EWA Foreign Large Blend 55.98 17.26 10.37
iShares R2000 Value AMEX: IWN Small-cap Value 63.48 14.50 NA
iShares Mexico Index AMEX: EWW Latin America Stock 70.65 13.64 14.20
iShares Malaysia AMEX: EWM Pacific/Asia Stock* 39.17 11.90 21.22
iShares S&P 400 BA V AMEX: IJJ Mid-cap Value 55.68 11.82 NA
Source: Morningstar Inc. Morningstar makes every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this data but cannot guarantee it.
*Fund excludes Japan.

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