Security Sweep

Products and services involving security provide booming sales for small business owners

license and salaries. Estimated annual revenues for private security guard companies are $980,000; for private investigative firms, $160,000; proprietary security services (such as computer security), $272,000; and manufacturers and distributors, $5 million, according to ASIS.

Inquire about a state license and insurance and training requirements. Most states require $350,000 in general liability insurance m get a license. You’ll need workmen’s compensation and malpractice insurance as well as surety bonds. (Some states don’t require a professional state license to operate either a security or investigations business but local laws require the owner to possess a city or county business license.)

Law enforcement training isn’t a must for all types of security fines, Jackson says. However, providers of armed security generally need a minimum of 20 hours weapons and safety training. Check your local and state training requirements for specifics. Expect a background check from the State Department of Justice, FBI and State Bureau of Collection and Investigative Services.

Earnings vary depending on the work, client and locale. Investigative and bodyguard service can run $100-$150 per hour and surveillance services, $60-$70 per hour.

For more information regarding security services, contact the National Council of Investigation & Security Services (800-445-8408) or the American Society for Industrial Security (703-522-5800).

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