She’s The Boss

The women of the B.E. 100s are setting a new standard of excellence -- and changing the face of business

placing with the company.”

Women CEOs of the B.E. 100S INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE List

  No. Name Company Started
Type of Business Sales*
2003 3 Janice Bryant Howroyd Act One Personnel Services 1978 Staffing and professional services 487.530
  5 Linda Johnson Rice Johnson Publishing Co. Inc. 1942 Publishing, TV production, cosmetics, and haircare 424.744
  9 Oprah Winfrey Harpo Inc. 1986 TV and film production, magazine publishing, and motivational conferences 314.500
  38 Valerie Daniels-Carter V&J Holding Cos. Inc. 1984 Burger King and Pizza Hut franchisee 95.000
  48 Robin C. Brooks Brooks Food Group Inc. 1995 Manufacturer and marketer of custom food products to national restaurants 71.745
  53 Angela M. Mason ITS Services Inc. 1991 Information technology and telecommunications support services 67.048
  76 Victoria Lowe Alert Staffing 1995 Staffing service, specializing in customized staffing solutions 43.351
  86 Jeanette M. Abraham Detroit Holding L.L.C. 1988 Manufacturer of automotive fasteners and bolts 35.641


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