Sizing Up The Candidates

B.E.'s primary guide reveals what you can expect from the Democratic agenda

schools, roads and bridges, ports, sewage, water, and environmental systems. Kucinich supports living wages.
On Education: Kucinich supports establishing universal pre-kindergarten programs that build on existing federal and state pre-kindergarten initiatives.
On Healthcare: Kucinich supports a universal healthcare program provided by a publicly financed single-payer plan.
On War: Kucinich opposed the war in Iraq.
On Rights and Justice: Kucinich backs affirmative action, would repeal the Patriot Act, opposes capital punishment, and supports organized labor and collective bargaining.

Most Recent Position: U.S. Senator from Connecticut, 1989 — present
Born: Feb. 24, 1942, Stamford, Connecticut
Education: Yale University, B.A., 1964; Yale University, L.L.B., 1967
On Jobs and the Economy: Lieberman proposes tax credits
to spur private research and development.
On Education: Lieberman supports funding to expand the national pool of math and science teachers and the number of American engineering graduates.
On Healthcare: Lieberman seeks to implement a MediKids plan of comprehensive care with low premiums and MediChoice, which would subsidize healthcare for low-income workers.
On War: Lieberman supported invading Iraq.
On Rights and Justice: Lieberman opposes racial profiling and supports access to the voting booth for everyone.

Most Recent Position: Founder and president, National Action Network, 1991 — present
Born: Oct. 3, 1954, New York
Education: Brooklyn College, 1973 — 1975
On Jobs and the Economy: Sharpton seeks to repeal Bush’s tax cuts except for those that would benefit the poor and middle-income families and to invest the tax savings in education, healthcare, housing, and infrastructure projects.
On Education: Sharpton seeks amendments guaranteeing all American citizens the right to high-quality public education.
On Healthcare: Sharpton seeks amendments to guarantee all American citizens the right to high-quality healthcare.
On War: Sharpton opposed invading Iraq.
On Rights and Justice: Sharpton backs affirmative action, opposes the death penalty, and supports voting rights or statehood for the District of Columbia.

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  • Sefa

    Hello there!I worked on the Burris ciaapmgn when he ran against Daley for Mayor in 1995.Burris has always been a mainstay on the political scene in Illinois. He’s in his 71 but Vernon Jordan is in his 70s.Vernon is still at the forefront of the political action even while operating in the background of the Democratic Party.With black politicians, their advanced age is an asset because people realize that if they have been around THAT LONG on the political scene and there is no major scandal attached to thema and they have a proven track record of distinction and wise leadership, then they are credible to serve.It’s great to have the younger leaders but they haven’t been seasoned in the political fire. No one knows how they will handle themselves under REAL fire and through the maze of personal life challenges in the public eye. The “old timers” have proven that their image is not a PR-crafted one.The best part about Burris getting this seat with this scandal is that it brings more media attention to him.Obama wasn’t a household name until he showed up at the DNC to give a speech! Hardly anyone knew who he was. He had NO national media attention.Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!Lisa