Small Caps, Big Value

Henry Jackson of Banneker Capital Management relies on the strength of undervalued small firms

booming automated optical inspection industry could set growth on a 25% upward trajectory in 2004, pushing the company’s stock price to around $22.

Finally, Jackson thinks Laureate Education Inc.’s (Nasdaq: LAUR) business plan, which offers Internet degree programs backed by accredited universities, is on target for growth, particularly in Latin America. He sees an average profit increase of 20% or more next year and targets the stock to hit $44 in the next 12 months.

Henry O. Jackson’s Private Screening Picks

Company (Exchange: Symbol) 5-Yr. Price* Growth Rate Target Price Why Stock Will Outperform
Mueller Industries(NYSE: MLI) $38.05 17% $40 Mueller’s fittings business has done well because of the recent U.S. housing boom.
Integra LifeSciences (Nasdaq: IART) $28.91 20% $35 Integra LifeSciences’ biotechnology products should make the company a strong performer.
Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN) $43.90 15% $50 Global Payments benefits from its position as a leader in electronic transactions.
Orbotech Ltd. (Nasdaq: ORBK) $17.75 24% $42 A booming tech market could have positive results for Orbotech’s manufacture of electronic equipment.
Laureate Education Inc. (Nasdaq: LAUR) $30.99 20% $44 Online degree programs have given Laureate Education a way to grow in Latin America.
*As of Aug. 19, 2004
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