Sowing A New World Harvest

With 20 years of marketing genius behind him, Arnold Donald is leading the Monsanto Co. into the agriculture biotech future

introduced in the U.S. last year. As in the past, future goals may include acquisitions of various biotech or agricultural companies, as well as further penetration of Asia–“the heart” of Monsanto’s growth plans for its international agrochemical business.

Beyond the business of Donald’s agri-biotech efforts lies a social conscience. Looking into the future, he sees the integration of agriculture, food processing, consumer foods and pharmaceuticals and the promising career opportunities that follow. He’s committed to encouraging blacks to consider careers in biotechnology and agriculture. Besides mentoring students from grade to graduate school, he has been instrumental in recruiting many blacks into the Monsanto ranks. He also serves on a number of executive boards including the National 4-H Council, the Opera Theatre of St. Louis,the National Advisory Council for Washington University’s School of Engineering and Carleton College’s Board of Trustees.

Like any fast-track executive, Donald would like to have control over the reins of Monsato, but he says the opportunity and growth potential of the new spin-off offers him the challenges he’s seeking. “I’m in charge of a multibillion-dollar business that cuts across a number of industries,” he says. “Running the entire company is really not what it’s about for me. Growing this market, educating the public about biotechnology and maintaining a sustainable planet is what it’s really all about.”
–Additional reporting by Robyn Clarke

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