Speaking With Style And Graise

Despite a genetic illness, Randy Graise uses his gift of gab to motivate others

with the ability to inspire people,” says Graise to aspiring professional speakers. “Be courageous enough to touch the lives of others.”

“Mr. Graise exemplifies the joy that comes from doing what he loves,” says motivational speaker Willie Jolley, president and CEO of Willie Jolley Worldwide and author of A Setback Is a Setup for a Comeback! “And because he’s doing what he loves, his work [in essence] becomes his play and [it seems] he never works a day in his life. It’s been said, ‘It is better to fail at what you love than to succeed at what you hate.'” Being a motivational speaker allows him to inspire others, and it’s an obvious joy.

Graise discovered one of the keys to long-term success: Achievers are not focused on the challenges, but are focused on the rewards.

Graise is willing to fight to reach his goals, and he understands that perseverance is everything.

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