Spy-Proof Pc

Is the data on your computer as safe as it could be? If you’ve using Windows 95 and relying on your password to keep prying eyes away –guess again. It can be bypassed by simply pressing the escape key. However, Symantec’s Norton Your Eyes Only ($89.95) provides reliable desktop security for even the most paranoid PC users.

Norton Your Eyes Only makes it simple to secure your data by expanding the Windows 95 Explorer to include encryption and secure removal of files. Once you’ve logged on with your password, encryption and decryption of files occurs automatically, thus preventing the hassles and potential negligence of conducting these tasks manually.

Other features include BootLock, which prompts users for a password prior to booting the system and denies access to unauthorized users. Your Eyes Only also allows you to create three levels of access with multi-user support: primary, secondary and guest status, each representing varying degrees of access to your files.

Norton Your Eyes Only Administrator ($799 for 10-user license) is available for LANs. It provides centralized configuration, distribution and monitoring functions, as well as remote/mobile user management.

For more information, contact Symantec at 800-441-7234; or www.symantec.com/yeo/.