Sticking To What She Knows

Glue Inc. forms a lasting bond with clients

I’m living my dream,” says Sheri Huguely, the founder and president of Glue Inc., a 4-year-old entertainment consulting firm that specializes in marketing, entertainment placement, partnership brokering, event consultation, and career development coaching. In 2000, the company had revenues of $252,000; its goal for 2001 is to top $350,000.

Originally from Richmond, Kentucky, the 34-year-old Huguely has four years under her belt as the sole owner of Glue. Using around $300,000 from personal savings, a 401(k) plan, and other investments, the University of Louisville graduate left her position as senior direct product manager at LaFace Records to become an entrepreneur in 1997.

“This is a vision that God gave me long ago,” says Huguely when asked why she took on this challenge. Although Huguely’s vision may have been godsent, it’s been her hard work that’s made it real.

All of the firm’s clients are referred to as partners. “Because” she says, “we form a professional bond with our clients and we’re all in it for the long haul.” Glue provides entertainment placement services for several NBA teams. It also provides partnership brokering for various corporations, including FootAction USA and Loud Records. Huguely has made many partners along the way, but Darryl Griffith is one of her most prized.

“He is the epitome of what Glue strives to be,” says Huguely. Griffith, an NBA hall of famer, was the first partner the firm assisted, providing entertainment for the annual Darryl Griffith Foundation Celebrity All-Star Affair in Louisville, Kentucky. Today, Griffith remains a partner, which is symbolic of Glue’s motto, “Developing partnerships that stick.”

Huguely takes pride in her three employees and has special regard for Tamekia Flowers, her first employee. Flowers, Huguely feels, is an important part of the business’ success. Her business plan is to make slow progress and last a long time. “I’m not looking to grow fast; I’m looking to grow steadily,” she adds.

Huguley’s advice to other entrepreneurs: “Seek God first, be patient, and don’t quit.”

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