Stop Pop-Up Pests And Spyware

a living, and makes a hobby of killing ActiveX Web spyware, Ad-aware deals with spyware full time, including the snoopers that come with installed programs. Ad-aware immediately found eight pieces of tattletale software on our brand new computer — all placed there by “legitimate” vendors, not criminals. (You may have to keep some “adware” if you want to run free programs that require it.) Ad-aware finds tattle-ware by using a database of known snoops. Just click to update the database free before you run it each time. For constant protection from adware, spyware, key-loggers, selected Trojans, and even pop-ups, pay $26.95 for Ad-aware Plus.

Gary Stein, advertising analyst for Jupiter Research, says online advertising is so inexpensive, people probably aren’t even thinking about what they’re doing. “Consumers tend to find pop-ups even more intrusive than spam. As soon as they wise up, these things should go away.”

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