Strictly Business Minded

Mikia Potter is relying on real estate investments and entrepreneurial pursuits to reach her early retirement goal.

the best economic opportunity at the time.” Potter should develop her entrepreneurial options as she gets her M.B.A., talk with advisers, and then write a business plan on the most viable one.

The Advice
Financial Snapshot: Mikia Potter


Gross Income $66,876


Checking $4,500
Savings 5,500
Brokerage 1,800
401(k) Retirement Plan 25,000
Market Value of Primary Home 120,000
Market Value of
Investment Property
Car 8,775*
Total $212,575


Mortgage — Residence $114,000
Mortgage — Investment Property 36,500
Credit Card Debt 3,250
Total $153,750
NET WORTH $58,825
*According to Kelley Blue Book
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